Irresistible Darkness

While she clings to all that is darkly alluring, the darkness also clings to her, and she is lost. She wonders how she could escape this lust for everything that is wrong and rebellious, but then she realizes that she does not want to leave all of this evil passion that poisons her mind and body delightfully; she indulges herself in all of this sin. As she continues to sink deeper into this pit of black, she does not happen to notice that she will pay heavily; furthermore, she will be inevitably punished.

This truth does not scare her back into the light, it simply subdues her unnatural actions for a short while, for she is married to this vile life that gives her so much pleasure. If somehow she does crawl her way back into the light, it will burn her beacuse her skin has become so cold, but maybe she will survive and oneday come out of the blackness that hides her.

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