Yes this is my first story and I am writting it in 1st person. Why? Because I feel it is easier to write from deep within when writting as the main character.

Soon, very soon shall it be here. Not an animal, but a person. A human being whose life is coming closer and closer to it’s end.

I can now see him. His cloak flapping in the wind like a flag. His face, concealed under his hood has given me no reason to question if it is truly him. For deep within I know it is. The woods blaze with light as the lighting streaks across the sky. Movement is muffled betwen the rain and thunder. This is a good night.

Twenty paces from me now. He is close enough for me to see the eyes of the horse he rides. I remove the blackened blade from my boot. A sword would be to much to have to handle in this footing, this muddy bog-road. Lightning again streaks the black sky. Ten paces now. My blade not casting a glare allows me to get closer to the edge of the road.

I lay down in the soaking mud. Five paces. My prey has come.

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