Prey: The End of A Life

My hand tightens its grip on the leather bound handle within. I dig my feet into the mud as my muscles tighten. Three paces. Lighting flashes once more and I see his face. A man no more than thirty five. A shame he must die so young. Two paces. The adreneline start to pump through my viens. One pace left. I shift my weight to my left arm to keep my right arm and the dagger free.


The energy stored up in my now aching legs is released; Propelling me towards my target. My sudden movement spooks the horse the man is on. I grab the right leg of the man pull it from the stirrup, flinging it back. The man looses a scream as he tumbles from the sadle and into the muddy road.

I jump on top of the man, burying my knee into his chest. He coughs and grunts, throwing his arms up in defence. He is too late. I plunge the blade, glistening from the rain, deep into his chest. He screams, and lightning streaks across the sky. The blade plunges into his chest, through bone and flesh. My prey has been vanquished.

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