A Steel Swiss Watch: Mr. Bainbridge

Ross examined the seemingly lifeless body. Bainbridge stood and pulled his cap over his eyes to shield out the sun.

“She’s taken quite a hit,” Ross sighed. “The worst of her wounds were cauterized by the explosion, but she’s still lost a lot of blood.”

Now it was Bainbridge’s turn to sigh. “I’ll take her to the hospital.”

“The nearest one is St. Bridgette’s, nearly an hour’s drive.”

“I can take her.” Bainbridge lifted Ms. Bloom. Ross watched helplessly as Bainbridge took her away. “You’re lucky that didn’t kill you, Priss,” Bainbridge whispered. “There’s no way he’s paying you enough to keep putting yourself in this kind of danger.”

Bainbridge took Priscilla Bloom to an alley where he gently laid her down.
How long till he’d understand? How long till this madness could end?

He drew a watch from his pocket. It was a steel pocket watch. He always loved pocket watches. Bainbridge took the key from his pocket and wound the watch back two hours.
Priscilla Bloom stirred.

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