Message In A Vacuum Bottle

“So it’s all completely consistent, then?” the visiting researcher asked. She and the tour guide stood at a bank of monitors arrayed on folding tables. One end of the room was given over to a forest of duct-work and wires that fed into a cooling unit for one of the angular ion injectors. The floor felt like it was very slightly tilted, belying the presence of the incredibly massive object suspended electrostatically nearby.

“We’ve built Novikov circuitry into the hardware itself — we strongly suspect it wouldn’t work at all if we left it out. Anyway, current frame lag is about 22 minutes, and growing as we spin it up. Data rate is slow; it’s red-shifted like crazy trying to climb out of that gravity well.”

“So when it receives any information, no matter the source, it stores it for transmission back to itself…”

“Something like that. Look, there’s a message waiting for us now.”

“I can still hardly believe it actually works. Well, let’s see.”

FROM: 2026/01/13 09:23:50
TO: 2026/01/13 09:01:38


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