The Building

We brought them to this office building, one of the few in the area left relativity unscathed. The building was new, new enough to lack furniture, carpet, even walls. It also lacked power. This was a blessing, it meant no lights to shine out, no lights to draw attention to the building. Of course that means less now that the power for the city is out, no one has power.

The ground floor windows were broken in which had made access easy enough. While we needed to be careful of the glass the general mess made it easier to hide our presence and passage.

The survivors, the so called lucky ones where talking, laughing quietly. Most of them I mean. All the ones we found were relieved, they no longer needed to keep hiding, no longer needed to wonder about the noises out there, they where no longer alone. The exception, there has to be one, the exception was in the corner of the room, nearest to the outside. We’ll get back to him.

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