Honey, I'm Home.

They situated their clothes back on. It felt weird to have items back on their skin. The feeling of stripping down was almost freeing.
“Do you really have to go to work so soon?” Her tone was whiney but she didn’t care. Days passed like minutes when they were under the sheets.
He kissed her forehead, “You know I have to go. You also know I would rather stay with you, right?”
She nodded her head curtly, still bulging her bottom lip out in a pout.
“Hey, none of that. You know I’ll be back soon.” He captured her pouting lip between his and kissed her softly.
She reached for his shirt and un-buttoned each button slowly.
“This is taking a step backwards from leaving!” He chuckled then stopped abruptly. “Did you hear that?”
She shook her head, “I only heard the sound of your zipper being pulled down.”
He stopped her and walked towards the window. “No, seriously, I heard something.” He brushed the curtain back slightly and released it like it burned him.
“What is it?”
He furled up his hair, “It’s your husband.”

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