Airships: Fight or Flight?

Elletra quickly turned her back to look at the inky black surroundings as Hawkeye and the other man exchanged a few words before the hatch closed with an ominous clang. The silence that ensued was deafening.

“I hadn’t expected to see you so soon. And especially at this hour.” Hawkeye ventured as he surveyed the vantage point.

“I fell asleep after I left the doctor’s office and am now wide awake. Not much I can do to help around the right now, though.” Elletra explained.

“Ah, I see.” Hawkeye fell short, and Elletra was suddenly wishing he would say something else.

“You promised me a story in the doctor’s office. Remember?” He finally started and Elletra turned to face him.

She shouldn’t have since, due to the small size of the lookout post, she was scarcely six inches away from him. He looked at her and suddenly a frown came on his face as he noticed her discomfort.

“You don’t have to stay.”

Elletra took a deep breath and figured she might as well finish this here, “Get ready for an interesting story.”

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