Where Are They Now?

The documentary team closes in on a room full of clear black boards with wet erase marker writings all over them. A young man in a long labcoat wields a marker, furiously writing in some sort of alien language.

A face now fills the screen, a name below it reads Abstract Rorschach. “I create languages. It’s called conlanging. I’ve been working closely with George Lucas on a project. It’s highly classified.” The face beams. “I also am translating some ancient scrolls from Hammurabi.”

The scene switches to a bridge, then zooms in to a person being snapped into a bungee harness. You watch as they jump.

The name on the screen below the face is now Wednesday [PJ]. “I’ve been traveling the world. You hafta live life now!”

The next name and face is Gradual Uprising. “I’ve been filming in Peru. I’d like to do a documentary sometime, can I watch you edit?”

Sitting a desk wearing a Ficly T-Shirt is a man typing away. Kevin Lawver grins. “It took 5 years, but we’ve finally got the inspiration button!”

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