Airships: Bursting at the Seams

Elletra took a sip of the tea and sighed in contentment. Perhaps this wouldn’t be too bad.

“Alright, so you asked what I was running from. Basically, everything. I grew up in what was formerly known as Italy. It doesn’t have a name now that all the factions are fighting there. My father had been part of the air corps for England. He married my mother who was a famous seamstress & clothing designer & she was Italian. When I was born, my mother raised me until I was eight years old. Then, she left a note saying that she was a spy who was only playing a front so she could observe my father & gather information. She told me not to tell my father. I was very confused at the time but then my father was constantly angry and would yell at me and beat me and I was constantly living in fear.”

Elletra hadn’t planned on saying so much but the words were rushing out.

“I learned to defend myself as my father grew worse in temper. I finally stowed away on an airship when I was 12. The ship was called Heart’s Desire.”

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