Sisters of the Page: The End of an Era and a Ruler

The Countess viciously screamed as she charged at Sybil with her sword. Sybil dodged, the metal swishing above her head as she ducked and rolled to across the marble floor. Sybil couldn’t help but notice that it was sticky, either with blood or with the wine that had been spilled.

“You will perish for your crimes against us!” The Countess screeched, her green velvet gown torn in a dozen places which gave her the appearance of a mad woman.

Sybil stood up and kept her distance as The Countess circled around her, “Countess, you should know I meant no harm to the people. I do what I think is best for them. And the Sisters of the Page do the same. They have simply been strayed off the path.”

“Lies!” The gray-haired woman growled and lunged with her sword.

Sybil ran across the room and jumped over a banquet table where she had stashed her bow and quiver. She whirled around after she picked them up to find the young Countess crumpled to the ground and her sword was in her. Sybil let out an unearthly cry.

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