Airships: Getting Closer to His Target

Hawkeye absorbed the information and stored it away for later use. He was surprised at the mention of Firus Green’s ship but he supposed that’s how she had managed to come aboard as a guest. He offered her more tea and waited for her to get to the part he was suspecting would come.

Elletra took in a suddenly shaky breath. Her emotions were starting to boil as she told the story that she kept bottled up. The history she was running from.

“Anyway, I was discovered and through a series of chaotic events that involved a gangplank, three attempted homicides, a wild goose chase about some place called Storm Colors, and a contract that was later eaten by a goat, I got off Firus Green’s ship with him owing me a favor. I pretty much wandered then, learning trades, secrets, skills, rumors, and shady business deals. I made quite a few enemies. A few of them caught me and tried to make me pay. I always escaped though. And so I run. From my enemies and my past and my lack of anything to keep me in one place for long.”

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