In For a Penny...

I’m in! I’m in! Frack yes, I am in! Shelley’s mind raced. Outwardly she took a controlled breath then said calmly, “Cool.”

Not even close to impressed Snap snorted, “Don’t expect three cheers or anythin’.” As was her tendency, she had once again killed the mood, leaving the now quintet to mull in silence. Assorted city noises filtered in through the beleaguered walls capturing each girl’s attention at various intervals.

The woman with the tattoos just stared at Shelley though, somewhere between continued scrutiny and maternal concern. Shelley wasn’t sure which one she liked less. By the time the sirens began echoing down the block she was leaning towards the latter.

Roark stood, bouncing from one foot to the other, “So, real cops or snakes playing dress up?”

“Either way,” Birdie groaned, “They’re not coming to check on our health and welfare.”

Shelley glanced about at her newfound comrades, her sisters in arms, and asked tentatively, “Um, was I supposed to bring my own knife?”

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