Airships: Discovered

Elletra felt like she was going to hurl as she stumbled through random hallways, her feet disconnected from her brain. He knows. He knows. He knows. Oh god, he knows!

I should have given him an alias. He had always known my name. I was hoping he had forgotten in his drunken haze back then. A million thoughts swirled through Elletra’s mind like the legendary Fire Cyclones.

She ran up to the top deck and ran to very tip of the ship, her eyes on nothing and everything as her stomach heaved everything over the railing of the ship. Images, sounds, and smells smashed against her mind. Her body was shaking. She was coming apart. Everything that she had run from was now crashing down on her.

“Madamoiselle, what is wrong?!” She heard the familar French voice behind her and a firm hand on her back.

She couldn’t be seen like this, she turned and briefly looked at him, “I think perhaps I am a bit sick. Probably from lack if sleep. Excuse me.”

Elletra forced herself to walk slowly as she headed for her quarters.

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