For the Greater Good

Drs. Klein and Najav worked at night – nobody around to bother them. They were particle physicists, and their particle accelerator was their joy. It wasn’t CERN, but it worked.

“So, what’s in the pot now?”

“We’ve got antihydrogen in magnetic seals, and we’re adding negative energy to simulate helium fusion – or rather, anti-fusion.” Dr. Klein, in his 50s with a pepper beard and thick spectacles, laughed cloyingly at his own joke.

Dr. Najav nodded. “I saw your proposal on this. There will be large amounts of data to study. It’s an exciting theory.”

Dr. Klein sat down at the keyboard. “That it is, Sree. I’m always glad to work here, you know. Applied research is just fine, but this – it’s knowledge in its rawest form. It’s for the greater good, for the long-term. And the first package is in place. Fire in the hole!”.

And then, in a chain reaction, anti-oxygen released by the anti-fusion annihilated the world’s water and air. The entire human race died, in raspy breaths, in less than ten minutes.

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