Airships: Captain's Orders

Captain Jerem frowned. He had been debating Elletra’s strange behavior for quite a while. He was sure that Elletra wasn’t sick from being tired. Jerem looked up, shielding his eyes from the rising sun, and trained his eyes on the lookout’s post. He intended to find out what was wrong.

“Hello, Hawkeye.” Jerem said pleasantly as he climbed into the lookout’s post.

Hawkeye nodded towards Jerem, his eyes still on the horizon.

“Have you seen Elletra recently, by any chance?” Jerem asked, casually leaning against the railing. His eyes were trained on Hawkeye.

Hawkeye raised an eyebrow, "Captain?

“I saw Elletra a bit ago & she did not seem alright at all. She seemed sea sick but there were tears in her eyes. Then she hurried below deck and hasn’t been seen since. I believe you were the last person to talk to her. Now, do you know something that I should?”

Hawkeye stayed silent and shook his head.

Jerem hesitated a second before saying to him. “In that case, see if you can find out what’s bothering her, eh?”

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