Airships: Understanding & Misunderstanding

Elletra blinked a few times in confusion. His father never told him? Well, I suppose that goes along with the character. The vile old man.

“Um, thank you for bringing breakfast.” Elletra said awkwardly and took the tray from him, bringing it in to the small table she had. Elletra’s heart was pounding and she knew he had followed her into the room. She dared not look at his face now, or she might break down all over again.

After a few minutes of tense silence Hawkeye softly said, “Say something, at least.”

“I can’t.”

“I need to know why you were crying. In the state I was in, I don’t much blame you for running away so why are you crying?” Hawkeye leaned against the wall & softly closed the door with his foot. He didn’t want passerby hearing this.

Elletra tensed with familiar paranoia when she heard the click of the door. She forced herself to breathe.

“You don’t understand. And you wouldn’t even if I told you. Why can’t we just forget about the past? Why can’t I just leave it behind where it belongs?”

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