Airships: Reactions

Elletra’s blood was boiling as she battled it out with Hawkeye. “How dare you show that twisted piece of metal in my face after these years!”

Suddenly, pain exploded in her wrist as his foot connected with her and sent one of her knives flying across the room. She growled and sent an arc towards his face. She glanced his cheek. Hawkeye rushed at her while pushing her other knife-wielding hand away from him. Using brute strength, he backed her up against the wall.

“Let go.” Hawkeye commanded, his eyes piercing hers, his grip tightening on her hand.

Elletra furiously hissed, “Get your hands off me.”

Hawkeye simply held on harder, watching her expression turn from rage to pain. She finally dropped the knife after a few seconds. He loosened his grip & Elletra took the chance to deliver a knee to his stomach. The air escaped him and he stumbled back a foot. Suddenly, she shoved him out the door and he hit a wall. Elletra swiped the shard of silver from the table and threw at him before slamming the door shut.

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