Airships: Mistakes

Once she heard his footsteps fade away and could be sure she was alone, Elletra slid back down the wall and let herself cry. The intense emotions, the raging storm of conflicting feelings (the look of betrayal had nearly torn her heart in two) and just the confusion and helplessness was all balled up inside and needed release.

After what felt like hours (but was actually closer to forty minutes), the relief gained by crying further was pretty equally counterbalanced by the discomfort of staying in one position so long and the rawness of her eyes. Uncurling, she carefully restored the few things they had knocked over during their brief tussle.

Apparently she’d kicked him with quite some force, because a few things had fallen out of his pockets. She neatly stacked the papers, sorted a few bullets and carefully picked up his knife (oddly angular and relatively short, she noticed) to return later.

And then, despite her best efforts to hold it at bay, the past came rushing back.

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