Airships: Bleeding Anew

Elletra flopped onto her tiny bed, staring up at the ceiling, the two year old wounds opened up fresh as if she just got stabbed yesterday.

Elletra was four months from being fifteen at that time. It had been two years since she had fled from her home and not too long after she left Firus Green’s ship. Goodness knows he was happy to have her gone.

She was on the streets of a large industrial city named Machina. One of the most advanced and elite places in the world. Or at least in that fold, now that Elletra thought about it. She had no money and only a tiny pocket knife at the time. Elletra had quickly carved her space in the slums of the city, living with the poor and sometimes the troublesome. She even made quite a few friends. Agatha, Georgiana, Persephone, Nathan, Dylan, and many others.

Elletra had been walking down a street full of machinists’ and inventors’ workshops looking for away to make some money. A strange sickness had been blazing through the streets and the medicines for it were costly.

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