Airships: Where It All Started

Elletra’s breath came more ragged as the memories continued.

The street she was on had been extremely busy that day and there were throngs of people everywhere, rich and poor together, mixed with smell of old and new metals, and the sounds of clanging machines dying and coming to life. That had always been her favorite place in the town because there, every side of the spectrums collided into one magnificent sight.

Then, it became her least favorite place.

A wagon was going by her, carrying an obviously wealthy man. The way his clothes didn’t have a single crease or spot. The way he did not take his eyes off the front and center. The way his nose crinkled up in blatant disgust and he had destroyed Elletra’s perfect vision. He had gone into one of the shops, and then came out a few minutes later. He stood up on his wagon and said he needed twenty people for his new factory. A hundred volunteered. And then he did this week after week after week. And the volunteers vanished into the mystery man’s factory.

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