Oh, Goddess!!

Lightning struck the sky so hard that it let loose an ocean On the night I conceived the notion of letting you get closer to my heart

I could taste the static energy on my tongue and feel it dance between my teeth as if it was giving me a tiny glimpse into what your embrace would be like

As if the elements themselves could be comparable to you

I more imagine you as some primal force of magic or chaos
Too powerful to be controlled but so enticing that so many would seek ruin in trying to do so

I name thee, forbidden goddess of my heart
Dwelling in places I dare not throw light upon, lest I fully betray my character and my morals

For, how could you love me, knowing that I’d forsaken my own vows, in order to love you?
I dare to think that you couldn’t

So, forever, you will be as a secret
Hidden away as a precious jewel who’s worth has yet to be discovered

Oh, forbidden goddess of my heart

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