Dead Herring

“What are we doing?

And why?"

She looked at me, holding the device. Her voice echoed around my ears and head, circulating through my brain. They wouldn’t bow to silence.

“Use it.” I whispered.

The sand kicked up. I lost sight of her face.

Her sweet, lonely face.

Within seconds, the sand died down. Her words still spun in my head like a whirlpool, tugging me into the water.

“What are we doing? And why?”

I tried gaining North, but my mind couldn’t focus. The sun was on neither horizon, I’m not sure where the moon should be. I fall to my knees, sinking slightly in the sand.

“What are we doing? And why?”

I screamed. I knew somewhere on this planet, she was standing quietly. I knew somehow, those vibrations in the air would reach her.

I knew she’d find me. Like she promised.

“What are we doing? And why?”

“It’s time to let go.” he whispered, sitting across from me.

I nodded my head, leaning back in my chair, wiping the sweat from my face.

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