Airships: Prey and Predator

Elletra remembered how she had screamed at the night sky and how her blood boiled as she watched more and more people succumb to either the sickness or to the temptation of going to the factory.

Elletra vowed revenge. She began doing research on the machinists and inventors around town, following the evil man on his errands. Little had she known at the time that a good friend of hers who she had confided in for the past months was working for the factory founder and she was being paid to find out about Elletra. As far as the man was concerned, she was nothing but an annoying mosquito buzzing at his head.

Then, Elletra began sabatoging supply shipments to the factory. She would find a way to blockade the streets he was making business deals at. Elletra even broke in his factory and stole papers on his plan.

That got his undivided attention. He paid to have all her secrets, weaknesses, history, fears, strengths, and morals disclosed to him. And he waited while Elletra pieced together his business plot.

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