Airships: An Almost Night Terror

When she finally came to, she was tied to a chair in a large and grand office. Sitting across from her on a couch was the man she had come to hate. He was reading a horticulture encyclopedia.

“Ah, Miss Fiamma. We finally meet.” The man’s voice is deep and commanding.

Elletra gritted her teeth and said nothing.

“I must say you were a most intriguing opponent. You were fueled by anger and revenge and yet you still acted with planning and cunning. I salute you. Of course, the curtains must come to a close now and the loser must pay the penalty for playing such a dangerous game. As victor, it is only right that I pick a suitable punishment.” He spoke like he was talking about what he had for lunch. “Your friend, Walter, informed me of your loner habits, among other things. I deduce you don’t like being attached. Therefore, I am now your wedding planner for you and my son’s upcoming marriage. I hope you two will have a wonderful life together here in Machina.”

Elletra screamed.

Elletra awoke to being slapped.

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