Number, number, word, Ficly.

Quickly, think of a number from 1-500.
Now, think of a number from 1-50.

Grab your nearest book, flip to the first number you chose and take the first word of the line you chose, if possible. This word is now your prompt. All you have to do is incorporate this into your Ficly, somehow. It doesn’t even matter what book it is, nor does its content or language. Challenge yourself. It’s up to you what you make of it.

For instance ,the book nearest to me is ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens. The two numbers I have chosen: 333, 27. The first word on page 333, line 27 is ‘meant’.

What are words
if you never meant them when you said them,
if all your verbal dances were lifted from lectures,
if all that made you special wasn’t uniquely yours,
if it came from everywhere, everyone, everything, every day,
and if all that I had believed in, all you had given me were facades,
illusions lacking meaning.
What would words mean then?

Please, come back.
That wasn’t what I meant.
I loved you.

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