Airships: Drained Defenses

The fight had been drained out of her by the nightmare but she still managed to narrow her eyes in annoyance.

What did I say?”

Hawkeye hesitated for a full minute, “You were mumbling. I didn’t understand.”

Elletra sighed in frustration & flopped back onto the mattress. Hawkeye shifted nervously but didn’t leave.

“Uh, may I ask you one thing?”

Elletra opened one eye, curious.

“Where did a lady of class learn how to fight like a pirate? And a very skilled one, at that.”

Elletra grimaced, “Is that what he told you? That I was a member of the upper class? From the ton? I am not. My childhood was a lie and a torture. I’ve spent the last four years on the run. Most of the times, living in alleys, backstreets, underground tunnels, and even the occasional cave and sewer. Everything your father said about me was a lie.”

Hawkeye didn’t let his thoughts surface in his face but he stayed silent for a few seconds before saying with a ghost of a smile, “He told me your name. And he told me you’re beautiful.”

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