Not Willing to Accept the Truth

The next day, Jack hurried out of the hospital, holding his daughter’s hands tightly. They stumbled along behind him, questioning him constantly.
“We’re going home! Just please, be quiet!” He finally answered. After that, the children were silent, only their tired breathing reassured Jack that they were still behind him.
When Jack and his kids arrived at their apartment an eviction notice was tacked to the front door. With a thud, Jack slammed his fist against the hollow metal door. Once inside he hastily went through his stuff, finding his most important things. Then a small, worried voice rang out from the corner of the apartment.
“Daddy.. What’s going on?”
Jack knew what he had to do. He had to come clean, he had to tell the truth. He had to be a role model.
“Honey, we’re in big trouble. We’re losing the room, and I’m probably going to lose my job.”
“What does that mean, daddy?”
“It means, that no matter what, you have to listen to me. And most of all, you have to trust me.”
“Don’t worry, daddy. I do.”

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