326, 49, short book. bugger.

“…” silence swirled around the room like an angry snake, coiled to spring. There she sat, blinking politely, her head tilted slightly to the left in a quizzical and mildly condescending way. God, he loved her. He wanted to leap across the desk, throw his arms around her…

“Mr. Evans?”

The silence grew louder, roaring in his ears. Perhaps, just perhaps, if he just stood up and yelled it out loud, she would feel the same…. God she was gorgeous….

“Mr. Evans, would you like me to repeat the question?”

The coiled snake bunched its sinews and uncoiled in a flash.

Suddenly, Reality rushed through the open windows of the office and kicked him in the face. A rapid sequence of thoughts hurtled past.

Job interview. Daydreaming. Bollocks.

Mr. Evans blinked.

The snake snickered with malign glee and coiled itself once more.

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