Airships: More Puzzle Pieces

Elletra’s mind was a train wreck of thoughts. Where did he get that? Does he know who made it? Would his father tell him? Is he really oblivious? Is this all a setup? A trap? No, his father wouldn’t tell him. His father doesn’t trust anybody himself. Why, then, does he have those vials? What was he talking about a workshop?

“Where did you get those?” Elletra asked, straining to keep her voice normal.

Hawkeye furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, “Jerem has me buy cases of it when we’re running low. We use it for the gun-powder. Why? What’s wrong?”

Elletra forced her mind to become coherent with her thoughts and she drew a shaky breath, “Where do you buy that stuff? What do you mean you use for gun-powder?”

She could see the wheels in his mind turning as he tried to figure out what the problem was. His blue eyes were studying her face.

“It’s hard to come by. Not many people know its uses. I usually get it from old friends. Occasionally from doctors or scientists. You wanna come and see what I mean?”

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