Airships: Gun-Powder 101

Elletra arched an eyebrow, “What is this?”

“First of all, do you know what the ingredients are in gunpowder?” Hawkeye’s tone of voice sounded confident. Elletra figured he knew everything there was to know about the subject.

“I’m not familiar with it.” Elletra said, leaning her hip on a table.

Hawkeye suppressed a grin, finally he had the home court advantage, “It’s basically a mix of a stone called Byzantium which is the explosive power behind it, and a pinch of potassium nitrate as an oxidizer. Now, I don’t know if you knew this or not but I had joined the army. I seem to have a knack for firearms and was trained and moved into a special ops group. This group didn’t use the mainstream gunpowder. They added an ingredient which provides much more control explosions and stability. That ingredient is this liquid called Nightmare.”

Elletra refused to cringe at the mention of the nefarious liquid, “And where did they get Nightmare from? Did they tell you who discovered it? Did they say anything about it?”

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