Devil Woman

“Who’s there,” I gasped as I stirred in my chair. My wrists were heavy; not tied down, but heavy.
“Is there anyone there?” I asked. There was silence. “What is this place?”
“YOU are safe..” came a woman’s voice. The voice chuckled, “For now, anyway,”
“What does that mean?” i asked.
“Do you believe in bad luck?” She asked. Who SHE was, I had no idea. I could not see her. But her voice was hypnotic.
“Bad Luck?” i felt stupid.
“Black cats. Broken mirrors, that sorta thing?” she said.
“NO” i said.
“Ha,” she laughed, “I see.” she was mysterious; and seductive as she came in to view. Dark skinned. Green eyes that pierced mine, and a body that stirred something in me that i’m embarrassed to admit.
“Give me your ring and let me see the lines on your hands,” she said, like i had a choice, “Oh my. this will not work out well for you!” she said.
“What? Why am I even here?” I barked.
“You don’t know?” she turned to a dark figure in the room.
“He’s not to know,” said the deep voice.
“You’re a Devil Woman,” I said.

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