Liquid Love

I don’t know who this cabin-girl was, but I liked her. She had guts, all kinds of weapons, and despite the weird blood-letting and odd apothecary in her kitchen, I trusted her.

It was weird that I didn’t notice the other woman come in, but I was rather excited about the idea of making homemade bombs and blowing shit up. As I made my way to the basement door, I shot a few glances at her. She was fierce, but seemed bigger than the body she was in. I don’t know how to explain it. The woman looked innocent, but acted and spoke in a way that made me think of a Goddess from Mount Olympus.

The basement was filled with shelves of odd jars holding everything from herbs to jellies. I had a suspicion that that’s not all those jars held. In the back were wine bottles and whiskey and homemade moonshine. Day-um. This girl was getting real in her basement! I think I fell in love.

Grabbing several bottles by the necks, and a case of beer, I hoped we didn’t have to blow this place up.

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