Airships: Shell-shocked

Elletra wanted to strangle him for his disinterest and nonchalance about his father. But, it wasn’t his fault, she supposed. He had been raised to have as few dealings with his father as possible.

Elletra took in a deep breath to lock away the old rage that had seeped out of her past. “Nightmare killed most of the friends I have ever had. They ingested it from working in your father’s factory and the water table under Machina had been infected. Wells were being poisoned.”

Hawkeye’s eyes widened in disbelief, “The Sleeper Sickness epidemic? You’re saying my father caused it?”

Elletra grimaced. She didn’t want to hurt Hawkeye any more than she had. She eyed the small bandage on his cheek.

“Your father was experimenting with Byzantium. He managed to create two new substances from it. The gas Byzantium gives off when superheated is called Heliofrost. When Heliofrost is heated, it has twice as much lift as hydrogen. Some of it condenses when heated though. That liquid is Nightmare.”

Hawkeye was silent.

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