The DragonForce: Revival Reunion

Years had passed since the last sighting of the powerful, beautiful, amazing Dragonforce. After being defeated by the heroic squad of heroes, all the villains had given up and moved on to better things, like professional-underwater-basket-weaving.

But now, as all stories about heroes, and/or groups of heroes goes, the children of the heroes’ old enemies will take up their father’s (and/or mother’s) old criminal ways. And, as always the heroes, in this case the mighty DRAGONFORCE! will vanquish their miserable, loathsome foes.

As the Dragonforce logo lit up the night sky, the original members slowly convened at their original underground hideout. And with that, the Dragonforce was reborn.

Arestotile, Chaz, and Cougar stood in a perfect triangle arms outstretched, knuckles pushed together.
In unison, they shouted their original battle cry
The Cave of Wonders and Underemphasis lit up, as the power of the Dragonforcers combined.

This was going to be a wonderful Reunion.

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