Airships: All Cards on the Table

Elletra bit her lip before saying, “That isn’t what I was getting at. I know it would probably take an army to be able to touch your father. I just- When I first saw you. A lot of things I had buried came cascading back. I- don’t know what I was thinking, letting all of that out. And I know you heard more of the story from my sleep. How long were you in there until you woke me up?”

Hawkeye rubbed the back of his neck with a tiny smile, “You were mumbling half the time. I pretty much only heard the parts you shouted. I heard you say something about a trap and a wedding planner.” His smile vanished, “You know he told me that you had killed yourself. He told me that I chased you away with my disgusting personality and you ended your misery by throwing yourself out of the castle window.”

Elletra’s jaw dropped, “I- I didn’t know that. I knew he was bad but, that puts the icing on the cake.”

Hawkeye snorted with a nod.

“Well, if it’s a comfort, I rappelled down with shreds from a dress.”

That made him grin.

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