Airships: Two Years in Two Minutes

Elletra shrugged, “What I do best. Stay out of trouble… badly.”

Hawkeye laughed, “You’re not going to give me specifics?”

“I’ll make you a trade. You tell me about the Folds and I’ll give you a summary of events.”

Hawkeye nodded.

“Well, first thing I did was flee your father’s district by hitching a ride on some family’s giant hot air balloon. I was heading in their direction, so I asked if they could drop me off two districts over. They said they were leaving for some place called Storm Colors.”

“Mythical city on this side of the Fold.” Hawkeye shrugged.

“Once I got dropped off I made some quick cash here & there, got into some pretty bad scrapes with some criminal underworlds, helped a few families get off the streets and into a house. I… persuaded some shop owners, and machinists to create more jobs. I then got into a really ugly business with a Nightmare smuggling band that was using the stuff for drugs. I ran looking for a way to escape and I found out about Jerem’s ship. And now here I am.”

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