A Silver Swiss Watch: Mr. Teller (2)

The car whirred over the silence as Mr. Teller drove to the hospital. Ross just looked at his hands. This feeling was so familiar, yet entirely new. His mind began to wander. He remembered the woman he’d have done anything to save, but couldn’t lift a finger. He didn’t know why. He didn’t have to. All the memory meant to him was agony.
“Mr. Ross?” The voice of Mr. Teller startled Ross.
“I’m sorry.”
“Mr. Ross, in your life you have had many choices. Some you pursued, others were forced upon you.” Mr. Teller braked as a light turned red. “All of life can be broken down into little opportunities. Little choices. But choices do not affect the outcome, merely the manner in which we face our outcome. Some opportunities might even let us choose to save our own lives for a time.” The light in the other lane flicked to yellow, then red. “I’m so sorry.”
“Why?” Ross’s heart beat faster as the light turned green.
“This isn’t one of them.”

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