The First Six

Challenge 1: Haruki Murakami Bingo- Use any combination of the following: Mysterious woman, ear fetish, dried up well, something vanishing, the feeling of being followed, unexpected phone call, cats, old jazz records (specific), Urban ennui, supernatural powers, running, secret passage way, train station, historical flashback, precosious teenager, cooking, speaking to cats, parallel worlds, weird sex, Tokyo at night, unusual name, faceless villain, vanishing cats

Challenge 2: Write in the style as your favorite author. Include a link to them in the comments.

Challenge 3: Genre Superstar! Pick a Genre and write the best (horror, pulp, noir, etc) story.

Challenge 4: Cartoon Riff. Choose a cartoon from your childhood (or one that you enjoyed) and update. Rub the dirt off and make it good. Or change something fundamental about it.

Challenge: 5 Two corpses. Someone is burying two bodies in the desert. Who are they? What happens next?

Challenge 6: Suited for Success. Write a story based on that title alone.

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