To judge someone is the forming of an opinion based on looks, action, race, or nationality. It has been said that, in our society, no one may survive without judging another person. Some find that statement true, but others, like myself, find it false. There are people in this world, this society, that can survive without judging another. To judge someone isn’t right. You know their name, sometimes not even that, but you do not know their story.

You could categorize someone based on their actions, looks, etc., but there is so much more to people than just what we see. People are more than just the one category you put them in. They each see the world in a unique way. Some see the world as a great place that’s full of new discoveries and adventures. Others see it as something that isn’t worth living because there’s so many reasons not to.

Society has been proven to have an effect on one’s view of the world and it shouldn’t. You’re all perfect the way you are so don’t change for anyone, but yourself.

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