“Robert put that damned cigarette out already! you know im not supposed to be around smokers”

“The windows down! I’m paying about as much attention as one can, after all we’re all crammed in this van, am I supposed to forget im an addict?”

Forget it all Rob, the road knows no master, and has many a mistress."

John, have I ever told you that I think your a closet chauvinist?"

“Closeted?! Try out and out. Each is to prove his weight in this world, I’m no mind reader.”

“Stop the van! Between this conversation, and my bladder its time.”

“Already?! Has it been an hour even?”

“She’s the boss sam.”

“So you keep reminding me, I’ll tell you, I have half a mind to stuff the remains of my being into some book. I vow to live in a state of suspended poetics for the remainder of this trip. I vow to attain in some way that will lift this burden, be it bladder or blather. "

“Oookay sam, 10-4 buddy. If that means one less jack jaw, Im in.”

“Stop the van!”

“Alright, sheesh. Here?”



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