Numbers 7-11

Challenge 7: The End of Summer. Write something that takes place during the end of summer. Is the summer fling over? Is the start of school exciting? Or terrifying? Is there a TV show you are dying to see? Something weirder happen? Does the end of summer mean anything more?

Challenge 8: The Empty Chamber. The revolver is empty. OR The room is empty. Pick one and tell us why.

Challenge 9: 20,000 Leagues of Terror. Something goes terribly wrong aboard a submerged submarine. Is it sabotage or supernatural?

Challenge 10: Identity. People change. Sometimes the change seems like they are “acting” or “being fake”. Is it okay to (re)construct one’s identity? Write a story about it from someone doing it or viewing it.

Challenge 11: Your destiny. The computer whirs, its lights blink in patterns. Finally it spits out a card. On that card is the job that will define the main character’s life. Was it random? Or based on skills and preferences? At what age does it take place? Is your character comforted or angry?

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