The Aura pt 2…cont

John heard the whir of the ambulance and tried to open his eyes again but with everyone standing around, all those auras’ it was hard to keep his eyes open. He thought “how am I ever going to see if this doesn’t stop”…”what does it all mean, everyone has such different colors”. He had no idea there were so many colors in the spectrum, some just ever so subtly different than others.

So far the people that had helped and cared for him had bright blue aura’s could he assume that good people had these auras? What about the bad people, what colors were they? What about the sick people, and on and on his head went spinning down the line of every type of person he could imagine. Better yet what had happened to him, he felt like he had been run over by a truck and every time he tried to move his body did not want to.

With EMT’s at his side he opened his eyes ever so slowly to find two men asking questions to him and other around him, and one had a fuchsia aura and the others was so dark it was almost black.

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