Lesbian Action [Classy Porn Challenge]

There is soft music pervading the mock dressing room as the two girls undress. A close up of their faces reveals the artful work of the makeup artist.
Cindy, a buxom blonde tugs at her net leotards, stretching the opening to reveal her pussy. She runs a finger through her crack and shivers in anticipation. Shelly the dark haired one is aroused watching Cindy. She rubs her nipples, and squeezes her legs together.
We now focus on Cindy as she lays back on the sofa, one leg down, foot on the floor, the other up on the sofa back. The music grows louder as we watch Shelly kneel on the floor, her head between Cindy’s legs. Hot lesbian action is reflected in the mirrors on the walls and ceiling. The camera pans back, Cindy’s chest is heaving, she’s panting, gripping the sofa with both hands.
The camera fades to black. Shelly stands, rubs her knees. “Cindy,” she asks, “You want to get a beer?”
Cindy is removing the leotards. “Not tonight. I have to pickup the boys from ball practice.”

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