The Aura: The Company.

“We’ve found another one,” Allen Greely said.
“Another one? Where?” came The Director.
“Well that is certainly unexpected.
“I thought so, too, sir,”
The Director took a long pull from his cigar, and let the smoke billow slowly out of his mouth and nose as he turned to face the penthouse view of the New York skyline. The cigar hovered between two fingers as he thumbed his forehead.
He asked, “How did it happen?”
Greely shrugged, “Lightning! What does it matter?”
“The method of delivery is significant, Mr. Greely,” The Director sat at his desk and typed with his other hand a command in to his computer,“Witnesses?”
“Several. A woman, a couple of EMTs and a cat, sir,”
“A cat?”
“Yessir, he’s one of ours.”
The Director’s brow arched, “Who is this man that got struck?”
“John Hertz, Sir.”
“Jesus!” The Director hurried his free hand to the phone and began to dial frantically. “Get Agent Fred Pack on the line. And bring Milo in for debrief,”
Allen Greely was perplexed, “What is wrong?”
“He’s patient Zero,”

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