Dora The Explorer: All Grown Up

The young woman trudged up the hill with her pet spider-monkey.

“You sure you read that map, right?” She groaned at her red-booted monkey.

“Well, I wouldn’t be a very good breakthrough in science if I couldn’t read a simple map.” The monkey retorted.

“You think maybe the map got it wrong? You know how technology is these days.”

“The map never let us down, Dora. You know very well that Diego designed that GPS with pin-point accuracy.”

Dora gazed up at the crest of the hill saying, “Boots, if I see another hill after this one, I am burning the map. I don’t care if was designed by my cousin.”

“The map is right. The fox’s lair will be right over this hill. Now would you stop your complaining?” Boots snapped & ran the rest of the way.

They finally made it to the top. The hill overlooked the whole valley below that was surrounded by trees. It also overlooked the giant cave in the middle. Dora scanned the area but her squadron had hid well.

“Mission is a go.” Dora said into the ear-piece. Time for revenge.

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