The Aura - Saviour

With no where to run she found herself staring down the barrel of a pistol, and a rather menacing looking handler at the other end. “I told you I don’t know anyone named John Hertz, please…you have to believe me”. But it was too late the shot was fired and before she knew it she was falling to the ground…it seemed like it all happened in slow motion.

The shooter walked up and aimed the pistol point blank at her; she expected to die right then and there. Suddenly there was a squeal of tires and before the assassin could finish the job the assassin ran off.

As the saviour ran to her side she could tell he was there to help her…he picked her up and carried her to the waiting van and they sped off.

She came to, the saviour trying to stop the bleeding, van rolling from side to side in the narrow street. “We’ve got to save her” he yelled, “she could be the next one”. “The next one of what” retorted the driver,”she was shot”. “That’s not how it works, just get us to the base ASAP”. was the last thing she heard.

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