Community Bonding

“SILENCE!!” Banging his gavel on the podium, the mayor slowly restored order to the room. “The matter is closed for discussion until next week’s meeting, when we will revisit it with clear heads.” Despite audible grumbles and complaints from those assembled, no one argued. “Next with the floor is Mr. Anderson.” The mayor nodded for Mr. Anderson to start.

Mr. Anderson stood up and cleared his throat. “The issue that I would like to bring to the attention of the council today is—”

“The same as last week?” A voice, from somewhere in the back. Mr. Anderson faltered, and pushed his glasses higher up his nose.

“What I mean to say is—”

“No one cares!”

“Let the man finish!” A new voice this time.

“Yeah, we had to listen to you go on about that stupid easement!” As more and more people joined in, the volume level kept increasing until no one could be heard.

“SILENCE!!” The mayor tried to restore order, but it was useless. He sat down and put his head in his hands. Only two more weeks until elections.

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