Challenges Turned to Fifteen

Challenge 12: Meet the Future. This one requires watching the following short film (7 min and totally worth it). Write whatever it inspires you to write.

Challenge 13: Make Physical Sports Interesting! Show me that sports really can be interesting. Describe the action of a sport of your choice, (even a fantastic one). Is it the first team of robot baseball players? A particularly harrowing Quidditch Match? Or can you do the impossible and make me interested in a real sport? Perhaps the precursor to basketball (I believe it involves a severed head)?

Challenge 14: The Other Half. When your character goes to sleep, something else wakes up in his/her skin. What is it? What does it want? Does it leave messages? Does it even know about the character’s life? Or does it just leave the character to wake tired and exhausted each day?

Challenge 15: Lasers. Write a story that features a laser. Note: The story doesn’t have to revolve around the laser. LASERS!

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