Men of Vision, Part 2

A few weeks after the second riot had been broken, angry men gathered outside the council room, armed with knives and makeshift clubs. Derrick stood at the head.

“Leonard! Your people wish to speak with you.”

“Dr. Strom.” Leo voice was neutral. “They can approach through official-”

“I’m afraid we don’t have time for that. They’re ready for new leadership now.”

“Meaning you?”

“We’ll hold an election.” Derrick said blandly.

At Leo’s signal, armored men filled the room.

“You do move fast.” Derrick breathed. “I trust we can leave of our own free will.”

“Take whoever you can trick into accompanying you and get out. If you’re still here by sundown, I’ll imprison the lot of you.”

Derrick backed out of the room.

“You’re going to let him leave?” Christopher asked and cursed himself for speaking up.

“Better to be rid of the rotten apple before it spreads further.”

“He should be killed.” Christopher said.


“It would be prudent.”

“I’ll not order murder to make my life easier. That is an act of evil.”

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